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A 20 year old, conspiracy lover, I’m a Conservative at heart but have Libertarian leanings and Minarchism, I fully support the USA Constitution and despise leftists, Socialists, Communists and pretty much anyone who hates limited governments. This blog is a mix of many things; politics, travel, horror and laughs. If you’re curious about my political beliefs, please read the political beliefs tag.

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You know what’s annoying?

Is when people are FOR the government using your phone records, DNA and invading your privacy at any cost. Their answer for this? “Well if your not a terrorist you should have nothing to hide and be for it as well” Or “Well it’ll help catch a terrorist” “The Constitution has always been ignored in this country, so what does it matter? Terrorist terrorist”

They don’t really seem to care about their privacy or your privacy. These people are the low information voters, who don’t pay attention to anything. These people are really frightening cause, they will believe anything. I see these people all the time, on the comment section on articles, on here, on the radio,TV, and in person and they usually have people agreeing with them. This country really needs to wake up. 

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  3. mochaccinowl said: These are people who don’t know two shits about our Bill of Rights. Because all of those things just drip with infringement on the 4th amendment.
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