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A 20 year old, conspiracy lover, I’m a Conservative at heart but have Libertarian leanings and Minarchism, I fully support the USA Constitution and despise leftists, Socialists, Communists and pretty much anyone who hates limited governments. This blog is a mix of many things; politics, travel, horror and laughs. If you’re curious about my political beliefs, please read the political beliefs tag.

***This used to be Thatgayone***

Warning, if i offend you, i don't care

School starts in 4 weeks, and i’m really nervous because its a new school. I can’t drive home for lunch or what not, its downtown and i have to take the bus. I’m also pretty excited, no more prerequisites, now i can take classes for my degree. This should be an interesting experience.  

I got lost and ended up on the toll road. 20ish minutes of me panicking and wondering where the hell i am, I tried calling my mom but that proved to be useless. Then i recognized a hospital and knew where i was. 

Not a fun evening. I feel like a need a strong drink after that. 

Life in the middle of nowhere in Scotland sounds lovely.

My computer is not performing the way it should. It’s not even a year old. I’ve tried to do a factory reset and it wont do anything. I’m well within my 12 month manufacture warranty and i damn well need a new computer. 

You know what i just realized?

Is that i am the person who gets in contact with people. No one gets in contact with me to hang out or what not. That probably says something about the friendship or relationship. Its pretty rare for someone to ask me to hang out with them. 

I love America, but i want to see what else is out there in the big wide world. I want to move to Europe. This is probably what thousands of people say and it never happens for them due to certain reasons. I’m the type of person who wants to travel and experience different cultures that i learned in my history and art classes. I feel like there is more to life than settling for second best. I’m just so bored here.I feel emotionally drained for some reason. No one really understands my love for travel and new experiences. I’d love to be a travel guide and show people around Scotland or Australia. That’s why my degree is so diverse. I can move anywhere.