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McDonald’s worker demanding raises like they not constantly adding mayo when I said “no mayo” a thousand times

I used to work at McDonald’s. 

Shift managers don’t even make 15 dollars. You have to work your way up to earn more. Regular crew people who have been their a month don’t deserve 15. Hell, most starting positions do not start at 15. 

Also, OP is correct. So many people do not care about the job, higher ups as well do not care. Anyone can work fast food, there is not special skill required or special talent. It’s mainly designed to be “part time”. 

Most Paramedic starting positions start at 10 dollars, that requires special training and skill. Let that sink in..

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Well i can’t do anything right in one of my classes apparently. 

There was a Young Americans for Liberty booth at my school. You know I was like white on rice signing up.

It’s funny to see people who call themselves politically incorrect be annoyingly PC. 

I went to Starbucks this morning and i got a caramel latte with 5 shots. The lady taking the order was surprised that i wanted 5 shots, the lady who rang me up was surprised, and the lady making the drink was also surprised. They all went “5 shots?!” They acted like i was going to die from a caffeine overload. I felt like my regular self throughout the day. So yeah, i was basically the morning entertainment. 

Hollywood liberals:

Sofia Vergara was objectified!!!

Beyonce and all the other pop stars are feminists!!!!


starting the boyfriend challenge

i challenge all cute boys to try and become my boyfriend in the next 24 hours

or they can just donate to me

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