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A 20 year old, conspiracy lover, I’m a Conservative at heart but have Libertarian leanings and Minarchism, I fully support the USA Constitution and despise leftists, Socialists, Communists and pretty much anyone who hates limited governments. This blog is a mix of many things; politics, travel, horror and laughs. If you’re curious about my political beliefs, please read the political beliefs tag.

***This used to be Thatgayone***

Warning, if i offend you, i don't care


Looks like Jason came across something familiar. 

Hopefully at the school i’m transferring to, i will meet a nice man.One can dream..

Dear next door, 

Thank you for smoking inside. I love smelling your cigarettes:). 

Love, your next door neighbor. 

When i came out to my friends, some of them created fake guys to hook me up with. So i would go and wait for this imaginary person while they got a laugh.